9 Things to Do the Next Time You Go Glamping

Are you currently considering embarking on a glamping trip with your family but aren’t sure about ways to keep everyone entertained throughout the trip? If so, you’ve come to the right place. For starters, it’s important for us to define exactly what glamping is so we’re all on the same page. Glamping trips are simply more luxurious camping trips. The term ‘glamping’ itself is a mixture between the words ‘camping’ and ‘glamorous.’ To go glamping, you’ll need to ensure you have a well made canvas tent a.k.a glamping tent, which could be a bell tent or a wall tent to give you the reliable accommodation you need for your group and also for all the things you bring along. A canvas tent is the ideal choice because of the way they’re made from 100% army duck cotton canvas. A good canvas wall tent or bell tent will also be treated with a water repellent, mold and UV resistant finish, just as all tents from White Duck Outdoors are. Aside from the tent, you’re going to need equipment to prepare meals, nice bedding, access to running water and a good source of heat. The idea is to make yourselves as comfortable as possible. Although glamping may offer you a few more amenities than a normal camping trip, you still have access to the great outdoors – something that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. Whether you’re creating your own glamping site or staying at a resort, you’ll be in close proximity to many outdoor activities that you probably wouldn’t partake in if you were at home. Our favorite activities when we go glamping are:
  1. Hiking
  2. Mountain biking
  3. Exploring small towns
  4. Going for a scenic drive
  5. Swimming
  6. Kayaking
  7. Fishing
  8. Relaxing in hot springs
  9. Enjoying the indoors (while being outdoors!)

1. Hiking

Most glamping sites are located within walking distance of hiking trails that go deep into the woods and the mountains. In fact, hiking may end up being the one activity that you do more than any other. It’s simple and often not too challenging, gives you plenty of exercise, is something that you can easily do at your own pace, and take you to some truly scenic views. Hiking trails can be of varying difficulty, so depending on the experience level of your group, you can opt for fairly straightforward walks or more challenging hikes. It’s a good idea to figure out how long you’re going to be out on the hike so you can pack for your trip accordingly. The more challenging the hike, though, the more you’re going to love getting into bed when you’re back in your glamping tent!

2. Mountain Biking

Another way to take advantage of the mountain trails and still get plenty of exercise is to go mountain biking. Granted, this isn’t something that you can exactly do with younger age kids. If you have older kids, mountain biking can definitely be a more exhilarating experience than hiking, and you can travel greater distances in much faster times as well. As with hiking, you should get access to some truly scenic views depending on where you end up going.

3. Explore Small Towns

Many glamping sites with luxury tents and yurts are located next to small towns in America’s heartland, many of which have neat shops and delicious restaurants that you’ll want to check out. Just because you’re ‘camping’ doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a drive and checkout what the local town has to offer. A lot of the country’s charm lies in its small towns and if you’re already some ways away from home staying in a glamping tent, it could absolutely be worth it to get out to explore the nearby towns. This is also useful if you chose not to pack your own meals or are tired of eating the same frozen food.

4. Go For A Drive

Speaking of going for a drive, that’s another fun activity you can do that’s easy and enjoyable for the entire family. Hop in your car and go for a ride around the area. You’ll most certainly get to see a lot of areas that you didn’t get to see before. Going around in a car also means you get to see more of the area around you than you would otherwise, and you don’t need any specialty gear like you may require for hikes or biking trips.

5. Swimming

Is there a lake or a river located within reasonable distance to your campground? If so, then this is another activity that you should be able to partake in. Smaller kids in particular should be easily entertained by getting to play around in the water. Often, glamping resorts or camp sites where you can set up your glamping tent are located near bodies of water. If you packed appropriately, swimming could be a great way to enjoy the weather and cool off, if it’s warm. You might even get lucky if the resort provides access to kayaks and canoes.

6. Kayaking & Canoeing

If there’s a lake or river within the vicinity of your campground, then kayaking will always be an option. Depending on the campground that you’re going to as well, kayaks or other similar vessels may even be offered for you to rent or use as part of your stay. The great thing about kayaking is that it doesn’t require too much experience for you to enjoy, and you can still get a fantastic workout in. You also always have the option of taking the kayak out, hanging out on the water for a while before deciding to paddle your way back.

7. Fishing

Wherever there is water, there should be fish, right? Bring along your fishing poles and go on a relaxing fishing trip in the evening after a long day of hiking or mountain biking. To add to the experience, you can cook the fish that you catch over a campfire just outside your glamping tent or wall tent. Fishing isn’t always so straightforward, so it might be a good idea to look into guides in the area before leaving for your glamping trip.

8. Relax in Hot Springs

Many glamping sites are located near warm hot springs that can be fun to kick back and relax in following a long day of strenuous activities. Not all glamping sites offer hot springs, but some do.

9. Enjoy the Indoors (While Being Outdoors!)

Last but not least, remember that glamping is meant to be more luxurious than camping. Therefore, there’s no shame in spending more time indoors enjoying the cozy bell, cabin or wall tent that you’re staying in as well. Even though you’re technically indoors, this will certainly be a more unique experience than simply staying at home.

Choose Glamping For Your Next Vacation

Glamping is a more luxurious version of camping and there are many, many activities you can partake in when you go on your glamping trip. The bonus is that you still get to enjoy many of the benefits of being home, while connecting with nature and the outdoors.

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