7 Tent Camping Hacks You Must Know

Everyone gets the case of the thirst for adventure. And sometimes, we need a break from urban life. It is recommended that you hit your favorite campsite or hiking trail at least once a year. Learn more about camping tents for sale on our website WhiteDuckOutdoors.com.

Fortunately for every comfort that you have at home, you can replicate something similar to it outdoors so that you have peace of mind and plenty of time to enjoy the camping trip instead of worrying about trivial things. Here some of the best and most sought after hacks for your next camping trip.

1. Pack Tarp

A tarp is always handy for different purposes. Not only is it great for protecting you and your items from the elements on the ground, but an extra tarp placed on the roof of the canvas tents is an excellent way of protecting yourself from the unpredictable weather as you sleep at night.

Many times when you pitch up a tent you miss some tiny holes and only discover them when the tent leaks. A tarp helps prevents that from happening. It is also an excellent way for you to be sure and peaceful with the idea that there is an added extra layer of protection on your roof should the rain get harsh.

If you pack more than two tarps, you can always use the third one to set right at the entrance of your tent so that you and everyone else camping with you can place their shoes there without tracking mud and grass inside the tent and around the sleeping bags.

2. Making Fire Starters Yourself

Most people detest starting a fire. Some spend the money to get themselves pre-made fire-start packs to do the job. However, most seasoned campers will tell you a list of cautions that come with pre-made fire-starters since it does not take much to get them to light up.

You do not have to go through the ordeal of panicking about pre-made fire starters in your backpack. Here is where DIY fire starters will come to your rescue. All you need to do is use dryer lint and toilet paper rolls saved from earlier of course. Stuff the lint into the toilet paper rolls and when you need to start a fire just throw in the starter and watch as the fire crackles. This is an old tried and tested method for starting a fire. You can even prepare your own firewood and build a roaring campfire.

3. Use a Portable Washing Machine

One thing that most people find inconvenient about camping is not having a washing machine. Even when you promise to be closer to nature rarely anyone washes their laundry in the stream to use again. Most people just use a traveling laundry bag to toss everything in. What they don’t realize is that it might be even more inconvenient.

When you go camping save yourself from buying those innovative portable washing machines that clean a single article of clothing at a time. Pack a large bucket with a lid when you are prepping your camping gear, drive a hole through the lid and insert a plunger in it. There you go. The easiest makeshift washing machine anyone has ever used.

4. Freeze Water before Your Trip

A day before your camping trip, freeze water in plastic bottles or jugs that you can take on the trip. Make sure that you freeze them by placing them upside down as the water cools from the top. This way when you take out the bottles on the trip, you can flip them and have ice at the bottom, and chilled water near the cap or lid. During the adventure, you can have sips of the cold and refreshing water as you like.

5. Keep Mosquitoes Away

Do not forget to pack some dried sage for yourself to keep away insects. The best way to use it is to throw some into the campfire and enjoy the outdoors bug-free. Another great way to use them is to place some burnt sage in a dish and then place that dish in the middle of your picnic table or the designated area where everyone in the camping party eats to keep insects away from food.

6. Tinfoil for Multipurpose

Pack tinfoil by rolling them up in balls so that you can use each piece as you need it. Place foil over the fire grates so that they remain clean for when you need them to cook. A balled up tin foil can also be used as an alternative to a cleaning sponge when you do the dishes. It really helps in scrubbing the grub. You can also use them for covering up the matches so that they don’t get wet.

7. Making the Floor Cushy

Some people don’t like the idea of a flat floor to sit on and sleep on, for that your solution might be a sleeping bag. Since the sleeping bags are flat, you can add padding to the floor of your tent so that you feel more comfortable. The great thing about it is that it is not too hard on your pocket either.

Foam floor tiles that children play with are an excellent way of adding padding. You can fit them easily on the floor and are super comfortable to sit and lounge on top of. You will be surprised how relaxing this is after a day of exhausting camping.