7 Powerful Ways To Go Green While Glamping

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Glamping is becoming an increasingly popular segment around the world because of the element of comfort and luxury it provides, while still being able to spend time outdoors and be close to nature. The word glamping means ‘glamorous camping’ and it allows you to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature without giving up basic necessities like a comfortable bed, good food, personal toilets and access to electricity. You can go glamping on a budget by buying and setting up your own glamping tent or at a glamping resort that offers luxury tents for rental purposes. Accommodation options for glamping can be anything from canvas tents to treehouses, to safari tents or log cabins and domes. While traditional camping may still considered the closest way to experience nature, it still tends to require prior experience with camping and an array of gear to have a successful trip. This could be anything from your camping tent, to sleeping bags, to portable cooking equipment and seating. When you’re glamping, these are usually provided at the resort. Glamping is extremely similar to camping in that it can be one of the best ways to travel green. There are choices you can make when glamping to ensure that your glamping experience is an eco-friendly one. We talk about some of those ways below.

Choose to stay in a glamping tent

Living in a glamping tent is one of the best ways to ensure you aren’t adversely affecting the environment or area around you. A canvas glamping tent won’t leave a permanent footprint and you’re also not causing any emissions.You can take this a step further by seeing that your luxury tent is manufactured sustainably, as well. All canvas tents from White Duck Outdoors, for example, are made from BCI Cotton, which ensures that the cotton used in the tents is responsibly sourced. The ground sheets of the glamping tents are also biodegradable, so they won’t have a lasting impact on the environment.When you’re looking at canvas glamping tents, it’s a good idea to check that they’re made from 100% army duck canvas, since this is one of the most durable fabrics made from cotton. Your high end tent should also have a stove jack for your wood-burning stove, windows to enjoy the views and enough wall and ceiling height to accommodate any furniture you move in and out of the tent when glamping.5B4A4852

Use your own furniture for glamping

When getting out glamping, you can buy some new gear like camping chairs or cots for the trip, or you could take advantage of furniture you have at home to furnish your tent with.Any stools, chairs or bedding you already own can be used to set up your glamping site. One of the major benefits of this is is that it creates a very homey feel as well, so you’ll be that much more comfortable in your glamping tent.Another bonus is that this is a cost-effective and sustainable way to make glamping a regular outing for the family or your group of friends.2 girls and a dog in a glamping tent

Make use of renewable energy sources

Some of the basic amenities offered to glampers require electricity. Some glamping accommodations are making a conscious effort to avoid using generators, which can leave a larger carbon footprint on the environment. Installing renewable sources of energy like solar or wind power generating systems can significantly reduce the harmful impact on areas around us. This would give you a way to enjoy your comfortable stay with hot water and well lit tents, without feeling guilty about the negative spillover effects.You can also find portable solar energy sources that people use when camping. These can be equally effective when you’re glamping, to keep your fairly lights, lamps or other devices alive. 

Opt for organic and local products

Glmaping resorts are now introducing their guests to fresh and local produce from the area instead of bringing in packaged and processed food items. These are either grown on site or bought from nearby farms and markets. This not only provides a healthier option but also helps support the local economy. If you’re setting up your own glamping site, you can also check to see if there are any towns nearby that you can hop over to to explore local farmer’s markets. This is a great way to have fresh produce on hand, and also reduce the amount of food you need to pack in preparation for your trip. qtq80 ITOhZ5

Recycle and compost food waste

Instead of dumping food waste, you can choose to compost your leftovers, which not only saves money but also helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. You can do this yourself by disposing of any food stuff in the right bags or bins. You can also ask about the food disposal processes of any glamping resorts you’re planning to stay at and choose the ones that support a more sustainable outlook in this regard.

Reduce your use of plastic

One of the major benefits of glamping is that you can use some of that fancy cutlery you have at home, that you only bring out when guests are over! You can take this same non-plastic cutlery with you on your glamping trips to avoid using plastic plates or forks for meals. You can also keep a portable water filtration system on hand and have your own water bottles with you, which should be a good way to have drinking water available without having to buy a crate of mineral water in plastic bottles for the weekend.3H5A0729

Reuse rain water

Many glamping sites have installed rain water harvesting systems, which is a big step towards creating an environmentally friendly experience. It’s a great idea to store and provide water for secondary purposes like toilets, washing clothes and watering plants.Generally, glamping resorts are fairly open about their sustainability practices, so you can keep this in mind when deciding which one you’re going to stay at.If you’re conscious about the choice you want to make when going glamping, it’s easy to be environmentally friendly with the way you set your trip up. This way, glamping can be not just a way to have a unique experience in the outdoors, but you can also feel better about it than if you were to spend a weekend at a hotel or resort.

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