7 Creative Ways to Use a Glamping Tent in 2021

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Glamping is becoming an increasingly popular way to celebrate special occasions. Why book a hall or venue for a regular event when you can pitch a glamping tent in the wilderness or your backyard and bring together your close ones for a getaway? Luxury tents are an awesome way to celebrate occasions and milestones because they’re so customizable and you can set them up virtually anywhere. Generally, canvas tents are versatile, spacious and extremely affordable (especially when compared with an event space) so you can find a ton of creative ways to put them to good use – beyond regular camping nights. There are so many glamping ideas and ways to celebrate when you’ve invested in a high end tent. So whether you want to host events for close friends or you’re looking to start your own business, we put together some ideas to get your creative juices flowing! 

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Wine tasting 

Glamping resorts all over the world plan exquisite wine tasting events for visitors and glampers.  A luxurious canvas tent is equipped with all modern needs, coupled with this you can spend the day exploring the vineyards and enjoying locally produced wine. It’s a real royal experience with both nature and culture.  Alternatively, if you’re not actually on a vineyard, you can buy some of your favorite local wines and create a special wine tasting evening complete with a charcuterie board and other snacks for friends or family right at home.

Birthday parties 

Want to create the perfect birthday party for your teenage kid? Set up a luxurious glamping slumber party to get your kids to love you! You can hire a glamping business to design a themed birthday or rent and buy a comfortable canvas bell tent and decorate the place as you wish.  One of the best parts of this is that you’re probably going to be pitching the tent in your backyard, so you’re just a stone’s throw away from anything inside the house if you forget something. At the same time, the kids get to feel closer to nature and like they’re on vacation – even though you’re right at home!

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Bring the glamour of glamping to your wedding, prom or any other photoshoot! Pre-wedding photoshoots have taken the glamping world by storm and you can hop onto this new trend too. Setting up a glamping tent out in the open against a picturesque background in golden light will also help click the perfect photo.  You might also want to explore this idea for your family shoots, on an anniversary, birthday or prom night.


You could take the idea of a photoshoot one step further and have your entire wedding against the backdrop of a glamping tent by combining other themes like a wine tasting.  Not only will you save on costs but a minimalist wedding theme will be fun, stress-free, and also look great in photographs.  

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Farewell party 

Throw someone the best farewell party with an exquisite glamping adventure. You can escape the monotony of modern, urban life by setting up a fancy canvas tent in the open, and also give your friends something to remember forever.  Camping trips are fairly common but staying in a glamping tent is still somewhat of a rarity among most friends group, so you’ll be creating a pretty unique time to create lasting memories.


 Weekend getaways to exotic destinations can sometimes be a little too much. A glamping bachelorette can be a peaceful escape for the bride-to-be – fresh air, open spaces, and close friends can help her get ready in time for the big day. You can also add your bachelorette glamour to this cozy event: decorate the tent, set up a divine barbecue, start a camping fire and have the perfect night! 


A glamping weekend retreat can help break the ice among a group of people. If you’re a company looking for fresh retreat ideas, staying in glamping tents is a fun event you can plan for your employees. Being out in a natural landscape is not only healthy but a great way for people to get to know each other better. You’d be surprised at how easily conversation and ideas flow when you’re out in the open. They will most probably come back as more productive workers and also think you’re a great boss!

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How to choose a glamping tent

If you’re thinking about going forward with this idea, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect glamping tent:
  • Make sure it fits your budget and you don’t have to pay extra for add-ons or features
  • See that the glamping tent has a built-in stove jack for cooler nights
  • There should be plenty of windows and a large door
  • The canvas tent should be made from 100% cotton canvas!
  • The glamping tent should have a limited lifetime warranty to keep you protected

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