5 Unique Uses of a Log Carrier You’re Going to Love

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Although often overlooked, log carriers are an extremely useful tool for having around the house or when you’re traveling.

Especially during the winter months, when the fireplace is used almost every night or you frequently set up campfires, a firewood carrier makes hauling wood considerably easier.

Wood carriers from White Duck Outdoors, for example, are designed to be spacious, easy on the hands and dirt- and water-resistant, so when you’ve collected all the wood you need, carrying it to your campsite or inside the house becomes a breeze.

Ideally, your log carrier bag will be made from heavy-duty waxed canvas, and 24 oz. canvas is ideal for this. The benefit of the waxed finish is that it not only improves the water-repellency and dirt-resistance of the log carrier, it also gives it a slicker look that you would gladly show off!

The best firewood carriers also come with Velcro padded handles, a compartment to carry smaller items and a loop for an axe or gloves.

Want to make your life easy? Invest in a log carrier, not just to carry your firewood but for numerous reasons that we’ve listed below.

Use it as a log carrier

Resting by the fireplace with your favourite book in hand – that’s where you want to be on a cold, cosy night.

Sometimes, to create this scene you need to have wooden logs in store, and carrying them into your house can be a highly inconvenient task. It can be even more inconvenient if you’re out camping and need to set up a fire for your folks.

What you need is a large and heavy duty canvas firewood carrier to do the actual heavy lifting.

The canvas wood carrier can distribute the weight of the logs around your body as you haul wood from one location to another. It will save your neck and back from taking a toll and also save your carpets and flooring from sawdust that comes with the firewood.

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Carry your pets

If you think about it, a log carrier is not too different from a pet carrier.

When you’re not in the season for campfires or a home fire, use the firewood carrier to carry your pets with you.

Tote shaped firewood carriers have walls that can keep your poodle safe with you on your long walks!

They make for great toolkit carriers

You don’t have to spend extra money to buy a tool kit, just use your log carrier when you’re not using it for fires.

Log carriers are extremely durable and spacious, with a ton of carrying capacity. So even if you need to load them with several different types of tools, there should be no issue in carrying them around.

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Need a substitute for a cooler?

If it’s not the time to start campfires, use the log carrier as a cooler carrier on your next outdoor camping trip, and keep your food and drinks well-refrigerated.

The Velcro padded handles make carrying your drinks and food especially easy, and this is moreso the case if you choose the log carrier with walls. This way, you ensure nothing spills from the firewood carrier.

Wine carrying made easy

Just like firewood, carrying wine bottles can be quite a task.

Safely pile up the bottles into a walled tote bag and use it as a wine carrier. Throw in some cushioning inside to be extra safe.

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Log carriers from White Duck Outdoors

White Duck outdoor offers the TUFF log carrier series that are waxed with industrial-strength 24 oz. canvas, so not only are they strong enough to carry numerous logs in one round but they also last for years.

Our canvas log carriers come in 4 different colours: olive, tan, brown, and black, and in 4 different shapes:

  • The Diamond shape and Rectangle canvas log wood carriers have a flat design with open sides. You can carry logs or items of any length in these collapsible and foldable canvas firewood carriers.
  • The Boat shape and Tote shape canvas firewood log carriers have closed side walls and are sturdier and larger versions of regular tote bags. They help haul more wood in less time and keep the dust and debris from reaching your house.