5 reasons you should invest in a Swag Tent

Want to go camping and spend a night under the starry sky? Camping is a worthwhile adventure trip that will leave you with memoirs for years to come. Not just that, it is the perfect getaway from your routine life and gives you a great breakthrough for a fresh start when you come back. One of the best parts about going on an adventurous camping trip is sleeping in tents, which is a memorable experience in its own. Know more about tents for sale on our website WhiteDuckOutdoors.com.

May it be a short trip or a long adventure; tents are the most important part of your camping experience. However, what can be dreadful for a camper is the long setup time required to fix a conventional tent. Even with all the latest technology, you still need to spend some time before you can enjoy a comfortable sleep, which can be a buzz kill for many.

Alternatively, swag tents are a much more convenient and reliable option that can be set up in seconds and offer greater comfort than a standard tent. Now if you are wondering what is so special about a swag tent, here are five reasons why you should invest in one.

1. Travel-Friendly Tent

Even if you are traveling as a couple and only carry a tent for two, a standard tent can be bulky and would be a burden to carry. When you go on a hiking trip or a camping expedition, you need to travel as light as possible. After all, you would carry other camping supplies and have limited space. If you carry extra weight, it will only drag you down and tire you easily.

Camping trips are adventurous and you need to retain your energy to have a memorable experience. Carrying tents would only prove to be a burden compared to swag tents, which are weight friendly and do not consume a lot of storage space. Swag tents are designed to offer comfort and stability in a miniature tent. They come in convenient packages that are easy to carry and do not require a lot of space, giving you more packing room for other supplies. If you are going on a mountain trekking trip or a hiking trip to the jungle, then you need to carry as little weight as possible to conserve your energy.

2. Easy Setup of Tent

Tents are also difficult to set up. In fact, most require more than a few minutes before you can rest. Sometimes, after a long and tiring day, setting up a tent would seem like a drag. In addition, you need to ground the tent using pegs for stability or it would easily uproot during windy days.

Tents are easier to topple in windy areas or if you roll over in your sleep. They usually need a support to keep them rooted to the ground, which makes it difficult to find the right spot on a mountainous terrain that is hard surface. However, swag tents are easy to set up and offer greater stability than other standard tents without dealing with pegs.

When you return after a tiring expedition and need to rest, swag tents are much more reliable than tents as you can set them up in a matter of seconds. Even when it is time to pack up and get going, swag tents save you a great deal of time and energy.

3. Durability

To make tents lightweight and travel-friendly, most manufacturers use lighter materials and thinner sheets, which can cause a troublesome experience during a chilly night. Most tents have a thin sheet to reduce their bulkiness and weight, which makes them less durable and can tear easily. If you are a regular camper and go on adventurous trips often, then you would need to buy a tent every year or so, as they can wear out quickly.

Compared to swag tents, which are designed to last long before needing replacements, standard tents have a shorter lifespan. Swag tents are designed to last even under the harshest weather conditions. They are made from superior grade materials and to maximize their lifespan and would only cost a few dollars more than a standard tent. Given the extended lifespan and usability, investing in a swag tent is much more efficient than buying a standard tent which would need replacement after a few uses.

4. Designed for all weather conditions

One of the biggest disadvantages of investing in a conventional tent is that you need different tents for different weather conditions. If you are an all-year camper or prefer to go camping in different seasons, then a swag tent will be much more convenient.

Standard tents have different thermal ratings and not all are waterproof. You need different tents for camping during summers and winters, which is not the case with swag tents. Whether you go camping during the winters, rainy season, or hot summers, a swag tent will make it through the night without breaking a sweat.

Swag tents are all-purpose tents that can be used during winters, summers, and even in rainy seasons. They have a high thermal rating and offer greater ventilation, but the best part is all of that is under your control. Swag tents are mostly made of high-grade fabric that is watertight yet breathable, which means you do not have to worry about condensation.

Being waterproof, it can withstand heavy rainfall and will offer you a peaceful night sleep under any weather conditions. During summers, swag tents offer the most ventilation and would not suffocate you. Even during winters, they keep you warm due to their high thermal rating. You can use a swag tent under any weather condition, which is a great investment compared to buying a different set of tents for different seasons.

5. Superior Comfort

What can be worse than carrying a bulky and heavy dome tent? You guess it right, carrying mattresses for a comfortable night. Standard tents do not come with bedding, which means you need to buy extra mattresses. Hence, you have more weight to carry and need more room to stock up the mattresses.

That is not the case with swag tents as they come with mattresses. Now that is great, isn’t it? Swag tents not only offer you superior comfort but also reduce the need to buy extra bedding for your camping night. The mattress is rolled with the tent, making it easier to pack up and store. Investing in a swag tent will leave you satisfied and rested without breaking a sweat. It also saves you time. With swag tents, it is as simple as rolling a bed, making them the ideal choice for any camper.

Choosing the right Swag Tent

Even though swag tents perform in all-weather conditions, you need to find the best match according to your preferences. Swag tents come in two variants, traditional envelope styled swag tent and dome styled swag tent.

A traditional swag tent may look less appealing, as it has a plain rectangle shape, but do not mistake its room and capacity. It is just as comfortable as a dome styles swag tent. Both the tents have similar functionalities and features. However, a dome swag tent is more efficient in keeping your drier during rainy seasons due to its design and structure.

Good swag tents are made of breathable cotton that keeps moisture out. An envelope swag tent is just as ventilated as a dome swag tent. However, an envelope swag tent is cheaper than dome swag tents and easier to set up and pack. Envelop swag tents are also lighter and come in compact packaging.

Swag tents come in three sizes; single, double, and king size which means they can accommodate up two people at once, making them ideal for a couple looking for a romantic getaway. When you want to watch a starry sky with your loved one, swag tents will not disappoint you.

They even come with a bug net to keep you protected while you enjoy a scenic view of the stars with your loved one for a memorable experience. Swag tents come in many variants but they all offer the same benefits. They also guard you against the blazing sun due to their thick canvas, meaning you can sleep comfortably even during daytime. For enthusiast campers, swag tents are the real deal and make a worthwhile investment that will last for years to come.