Best Wall Tent: 5 Essential Standard Features for your Wall Tents

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If you’re thinking about investing in a wall tent, it’s a good idea to do some initial research to understand the standard features of wall tents that your canvas wall tent should come with. A wall tent can be more expensive than other kinds of tents so it’s worthwhile understanding what separates an average canvas wall tent from exceptional ones. Once you understand the essential standard features of wall tents and identify exactly what you need for your trips, you’ll be able to go to the right wall tent shop to make your purchase. White Duck Outdoors wall tents, for example, are equipped with all the standard and add-on features you would usually pay extra for. These include 100% cotton duck fabric, a wall tent stove jack, wall tent frame, windows and heavy-duty bug mesh.

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100% Army Duck Fabric

The best wall tents are built from 100% double-fill army duck cotton canvas. This type of duck fabric has a thicker, more durable double-fill weave, which makes the tent walls and ceiling extremely sturdy and perfect for 4-season use. Nylon or synthetic wall tents may be fine in warmer weather but when you’re out camping or hunting for several weeks on end, especially in colder weather, you want a wall tent that’s made from cotton duck fabric.

Wall Tent Frame

The wall tent frame is a crucial component of the wall tent and is ultimately what determines whether or not your canvas wall tent will do well in harsher weather conditions. White Duck wall tent frames are made with galvanized steel and are designed to hold up your canvas wall tent brilliantly. At White Duck Outdoors, we sell our wall tents with the wall tent frame, so you don’t have to worry about going and purchasing this separately after you have bought the canvas fabric.

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Canvas Wall Tent with Stove Jack

When you invest in a wall tent, you probably want to ensure that it comes with a built-in stove jack. The stove jack should be coated with heat-resistant silicone and have pre-cut patterns, making it easier for you to carve out the shape for your stove pipe. Any wall tent for sale should have a stove jack included so that you don’t have to take on the task of fitting your own.

Storm Windows

When you’re living in a wall tent, you might encounter heavy downpour or intense snowfall. For this reason, it’s essential that your canvas wall tent has storm windows. This means the doors and windows of the best wall tents have three layers; a canvas layer, a PE layer and a mesh layer. With these three layers, you can have the window open to enjoy the breeze without worrying about bugs, or even have the canvas flap raised but the PE layer zipped up if it’s raining outside.

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Wall Tent Ropes

The guy lines or guy ropes of your wall tent should be secure enough to prevent the canvas wall tent from shaking when it starts to get windy. White Duck wall tents have proprietary bungee cords as well, which keep the tent stable when it starts to get rough outside. It’s even better if the guy ropes are UV-reflective, so you can navigate around your tent with ease after it gets dark, and not trip over the ropes.

Wall Tents from White Duck Outdoors

If you’re looking for a 4-season wall tent that you can camp in, go hunting with and use as a permanent shelter, you want to invest in a wall tent from White Duck Outdoors. All our canvas wall tents are made from 100% army duck fabric and built to survive all conditions. Generally, the tent canvas used in US manufactured wall tents or imported ones must meet certain US canvas specifications. Any add-ons that you would usually pay extra for are also included in the purchase price of the wall tent, so you can be sure that your wall tent is designed to be functional and practical, for all your outdoor needs. You can even extend the living space of your wall tent by adding a canvas porch in front of the door. This makes a nice area to hang out, dry out your wet or damp gear, or cook in. Our canvas porches also have windows and a stove jack, so it’s a great addition to your campsite.  

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