Glamping Tent Living with Kids: 5 Best Glamping Activities

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If you’re not yet familiar with glamping, that’s okay! Staying in a glamping tent is a growing segment in the outdoor space and, arguably, an activity that requires less experience to get started with than something like camping. Glamping is becoming increasingly popular and if you haven’t yet, it’s definitely worth exploring.Glamping stems from the words “glamorous” and “camping” because glamping generally implies enjoying time out in nature while maintaining many of the comforts of home like furniture, access to electricity and a properly functioning bathroom.
Before you start planning your trip, it’s a good idea to think about your glamping tent. Canvas tents are usually the best option because of how durable, breathable and spacious they are. You generally have a range of shapes and sizes to choose from, which also means you can set up as much furniture and gear as you’d like.

When you’re looking for a glamping tent, try to ensure that it’s treated to be water repellent, mold, and UV resistant, as is the case with all White Duck Outdoors best glamping tents, so that you don’t face issues later. Generally, glamping should be fun for the entire family. Sometimes it’s hard to keep kids entertained, especially if they’re made to leave home for a weekend and stay in a glamping tent.

EJ0A5851It’s easy to think that because the little ones don’t have their video games or other forms of entertainment with them on the glamping trip, staying in a safari tent, bell tent or other accommodation can present its own set of unique opportunities to engage kids in activities they wouldn’t otherwise enjoy at home or in the backyard.

There are several different types of activities for kids to do while glamping, some are suited for a quieter setting while others are meant to tire them out for a good night’s sleep. These activities aren’t just fun for the kids either, they’re great for the entire family.


qtq80 QavMREGoing for a glamping weekend is a great time to step outside our glam tents and enjoy the outdoors. It isn’t uncommon to have hiking trails near your glamping tent or your glamping resort if that’s where you’re staying.

Sometimes it may be difficult to motivate kids to set out on a seemingly difficult and arduous hike, so it’s worth thinking about ways you can make the hike more fun to avoid them thinking of it as just a long walk.

Picking out different birds, or colors of birds, and types of trees are two favorites. Make it a little competition as you’re enjoying some fresh air, while also sneaking in some learning for the kids. They’ll forget that they’ve been walking as they get caught up in the fun games. Another fun activity while out on a hike, or just around your luxury tent, is to look for different wildlife and keep track of it. You could even do up little bingo cards for the kids before leaving on the trip and have a small prize for the one who fills up their wildlife or bird card.


DSC04903Many kids who live in urban and suburban areas don’t get the opportunity to see the night sky in all its glory. If you’re glamping out in the wilderness, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to see the stars and learn about the constellations. There are apps that you can download for free to help navigate the night sky.

Stargazing has made many a memory over the years, especially while spending time in nature. Many of us have a memory of stargazing with someone and this can present an opportunity to look back fondly on taking in the night sky with the little ones.

It’s difficult to counter that the diamonds in the sky look completely different (and a whole lot more stunning!) in the wilderness than when we’re at home, so this is an activity that shouldn’t be missed.
You can set up a blanket just outside your glamping tent as well, so you’re close to any heaters you have and blankets are within reach!


people cooking while glampingWhat glamping trip is complete without a campfire? Campfires are a lot more than just a source of heat when the sun goes down and it starts to get chilly. They’re a great centerpiece to sit around and discuss the day, tell spooky stories, cook up some meals, and of course, everyone’s favorite: s’mores.

It isn’t uncommon that kids will sit around the fire long after stories, supper and s’mores are done with, so oftentimes you might just have to carry them back inside the glamping tent once they’ve fallen asleep. Before going out on your trip, you can always look up tips for starting and maintaining a fire, songs to sing, recipes for desserts or snacks and spooky stories to share.

Outdoor Games

It’s always good to have some outdoor games around to keep the kids entertained. Whereas they may be playing sports like soccer, baseball or basketball at school, you can teach them games like cornhole and bocce ball that they wouldn’t otherwise try out with friends.

Another fun one for the kids is to play ring toss with glow-in-the-dark necklaces just before bedtime.
There are plenty of games that can be played without any equipment such as charades and tag. When you get the kids running around and staying active, you can also be sure they’re going to be in for a good night’s sleep so they can wake up energized to take on the next day. Also, check glamping tents for sale.

Indoor Games

Board games and card games are great to have around in case of a rainy day. While having to stay inside may not sound too terrible (especially if you’ve set up your glamping tent with a bed and other furniture), the littles ones may still be itching to get outside and play.

3H5A0702Many glamping resorts may have board games on-site, but if not, it’s easy enough to bring the ones you love playing at home. You can bring games like Candyland for just the kids or Monopoly for the whole family to enjoy.

The same goes for cards; there are so many different games to be played with a deck of cards, you can get just the kids to play or play a game for the whole family. Card games aren’t just limited to a regular set of cards either, you can always bring a game of Uno or Skip-Bo along.

Making Your Glamping Experience a Great One for the Kids

Kids don’t like change and if you’ve never had a child camping or glamping before, glamping might be a bit intimidating for them. Not to worry though, by the end of the vacation they’ll be talking non-stop about it, wanting to go back again.
There are plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained while you’re glamping, and no matter the day of the week, time of day, or weather, these moments will be treasured for years to come.

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