4 ways to pick the perfect drop cloth for all your needs

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What is a canvas drop cloth?

A canvas drop cloth is a smart investment to make. It is made up of 100% cotton duck fabric, and used as a painters drop cloth and constructors to protect floors, furniture, cabinets, boards, grass, and other items, while carrying out the job. Apart from being a product with utility, it’s also used extensively in home decor.Ideally, the cotton drop cloth you choose should be multipurpose so you can use it for a variety of use cases.If you’ve been looking around for a suitable canvas drop cloth to buy but just aren’t sure which type you really need, read below so we can help you pick the right kind.

Choosing your drop cloth material

Heavy duty work needs a heavy duty canvas drop cloth to keep everything clean.  If you’re a painter or you’re taking on DIY projects that might leave stains on the floor or on furniture, a heavier canvas will offer extra absorbency, leaving your floors stain-free. It’s also woven more tightly making it more resistant to tearingA thicker canvas drop cloth, preferably 10 oz, will absorb all paint drips and leave no stains on the floor. It will also keep your ladder in place and prevent any slips while you go about doing your work.

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Picking an environmentally friendly drop cloth

If you’re environmentally friendly and need something that you can wash and reuse multiple times, then a heavy cotton canvas drop cloth is the investment you need to make. Their tough and sturdy material can be reused without the fear of tears. This makes them a more sustainable option as compared to the non-reusable items in the market.You should also see that your white canvas drop cloth is made from responsible manufacturing processes. For example, a backdrop cloth made from regenerated pre-consumer waste cotton fiber is a more sustainable option, as it uses waste from other cotton processes.

Will you be using your drop cloth for home decor?

We recommend buying a lighter weight cotton canvas drop cloth if you need to hang the cloth or use it to cover pieces. The lighter material will be easier to handle, especially when used to cover furniture with defined edges.A lighter drop cloth is also a good idea if you want to get creative and if you are planning on sewing. You can make a canvas drop cloth curtain, sheet cover, a pillow case, and pretty much everything and anything. The authentic color of the cloth can create the perfect rustic style and set the mood for your living room!

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Get your length right

When deciding the length of your canvas drop cloth, keep in mind that the cloth will be shorter because of the seams and the hems. At White Duck Outdoors, all sizes are cut sizes and smaller by 3”. For example, if you are ordering a 9’x12′ canvas drop cloth, keep in mind that it will run smaller than that size. So make sure you order the right fit to keep your sofas and floors covered completely. 

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KLOMO Canvas Drop Cloth

Our KLOMO Canvas drop cloth is sturdy and built to last. The tight weave construction of the drop cloth makes it  super self-absorbing, and hence ideal for the paint job. The fabric is made of regenerated cotton fiber and pre-consumer waste which is reusable, recyclable, unbleached, and undyed canvas.They’re perfect to cover up your floor, patio, furniture, and prevent any paint drippings, splatters, or dust from passing through. Moreover, the seams and edges are double stitched, hemmed on both sides, which prevents the cloth from fraying and tearing. It also comes in various sizes; 4×5, 4×12, 4×15, 5×20, 6×9, 9×12, 12×15, 14×16, 20×20. All of these are in either 8 oz. & 10 oz. fabric options, so there’s plenty to choose from for your next project!  

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