The Perfect Dog Bed: 3 Essential Components to Look For

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A dog bed is an extremely important component of the quality of life of your best friend. Dogs, just like us, spend plenty of time sleeping and recovering from the day’s activities, so investing in tough dog beds with comfortable covers is essential.

When choosing a pet bed, we need to consider the preferences of the dog. This could include the firmness of the filling, the fabric of the cover, whether it’s a large dog bed or a small one, the shape (e.g. a round dog bed vs. a rectangular one) and the habits of your pup.

No two dogs are the same, so you should also think about your dog’s age, size and breed and the kind of bed that would suit it.

Ideally, you want to choose a waterproof dog bed with a comfortable material that can be removed and washed easily. If it’s a chew resistant dog bed, that’s even better.

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Your dog’s preferences

One of the most important things to consider is the way your dog sleeps and how the bed you choose will align with that. For example, you could make note of their positioning and posture.

You can see how much space the dog occupies on its bed by the amount that it stretches out, or whether it likes to be curled up when asleep. This helps determine the shape and size of the bed.

If your dog likes to be sprawled out when sleeping, it would make sense to go for a large dog bed, whereas if it likes to be curled up, you might want to choose an oval dog bed.

The material of your dog bed

You should also think about the material of the bed you buy. Ideally, the chew proof dog bed should be made from a canvas rip stop fabric that’s great for use indoors and or as an outdoor dog bed.

The rip stop fabric, when treated properly, makes for a waterproof dog bed and is also dirt-resistant.

When choosing durable dog beds, it’s important to see that the fabric is removable, so that you can wash it easily before placing over the filling again.

You should also think about your dog’s coating and fur, and how this will match up with the fabric you choose. Generally, a dog’s fur is enough to keep it warm so you might be better off choosing a plain, rip stop fabric as opposed to a furry fabric.

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The size of your pet bed

Size, naturally, is one of the most important considerations when you’re looking at a place for your pupper to sleep.

As mentioned above, whether you opt for a round dog bed, a rectangular one or an oval one is impacted by a couple of factors, like the size of your dog, how it likes to sleep and its personal preferences.

In some cases, to be on the safe side, you might find that it’s a good idea to choose an XL dog bed. This way, you give your dog the flexibility and space to sleep how it likes, without worrying about spilling over the edges.

At the end of the day, the size, shape and fabric of your bed need to take into account the preferences of your dog, above everything else.

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Pet beds from White Duck Outdoors

At White Duck Outdoors, we’ve designed comfortable, durable, washable dog beds made from a canvas rip stop cover and recycled PET plastic filling, so you can choose one that’s not only extremely comfy to sleep on but you can also feel good about your choice.

We have two sizes, a large dog bed and an XL dog bed, as well as two colors: tan and brown.

Is the dog bed machine washable? Yes, it is! You can remove the cover and put it in the washing machine to wash just like you would any other clothing. When it comes out, it’ll be as good as new!