10 Practical Camping Tips & RV Etiquette Pointers for Every Camper

hammock and tent

No matter if you possess some good camping experience or are planning to go camping for the first time, we both know that it is difficult to ensure a hassle-free, effortless camping trip, especially when you have a family to take care of. While good quality tents like canvas wall and bell tents are easy to setup and protect you from potential weather changes, RV CAMPING or Recreational Vehicle camping gives you the freedom to carry more and not having to setup a tent to stay in. read more about tents made in USA on our website WhiteDuckOutdoors.com.

RV Camping might seem like the easiest way of spending some alone-time with nature, but it comes with its own set of guidelines that needs to be followed for a successful RV camping. We bring out a few for you…

  1. Never park right next to a camper if there are other spots in the campground

Think of a situation where there are a number of seats available in the waiting area of a clinic or Healthcare Center and someone just came all the way across those seats to simply grab the seat next to you. Does it not feel awkward? Works in a similar way for campgrounds. Just like you others are there for some detox from their routine.
Campers at a camp ground

  1. Set up with a minimum noise level

You may have just arrived but on a common campground there would be others utilizing the moments for just a couple of hours more. Don’t be a spoilsport and play along. Set up your camping gear with minimal noise so as not to disturb others.

  1. Be responsible and Clean-up

From disposable paper plates to empty beer bottles and other packets of food, make sure you carry a garbage bag and clean your porch and cooking/dining area after every use. It’s easy to toss most times into a campfire, but again, what’s the whole purpose of coming all the way to a campground for fresh air?

  1. Campground choices

If you are looking for an outing that’s just for a day or spending sometime in the lap of nature for just a weekend, campgrounds are probably the best option to travel on the outskirts of your city. While these campgrounds are major choices for short-duration outings they are also visited frequently by locals who wish to party. Which is why traveling a bit more to leave the perimeter of your city will assure you a quieter place. Setup a tent easily there and park your RV close to your tent.

  1. Avoid smoking within 100ft of you

If you see other campers with or without families near your RV camping spot avoid smoking there, as it could be a mood-buster for those who are probably allergic or in general do not like the smell of it.

  1. Arrive before 10, leave after 6

Doesn’t matter if you have beautifully set up a canvas tent next to your RV or not, it’s is advised that you don’t arrive and start setting in a campground after 10 pm and/or start packing up  early, especially when you are sharing the campground with other campers. It’s annoying.
family camping near a lake

  1. Family campers= good neighbors

If you are going on a family camping trip, it is important you teach your kids to be good neighbors. Yes, kids love playing and their excitement resonates in their voices, but by teaching them to be friendly you are making them considerate of others’ privacy and inculcating a courteous behavior.

  1. Picking your spot

If you are a tent-lover we suggest picking your spot at a campground profusely. Make sure the campground allows setting up a tent and is big enough to accommodate if others want to do it too. One advantage that White Duck Outdoor’s Canvas Wall and Bell Tents have is that they are available in various sizes and suits your budget to choose accordingly.
girl reading a book in tent

  1. Plan meals

Yes, you are carrying a heavy vehicle with you that can be loaded for about 15 meals for coming days, but here’s a thing- planning your meals in advance gives you an idea of how much should you carry and the equipment you’d be needing. We don’t want any extra load when camping, do we now?

  1. Check out on time

RV campgrounds generally have bookings waiting on them. So, make you clean your camping area and check out on time as other campers could be waiting.

RV camping makes for some really happy memories. You drive down all the way to the destination and get some quality time with your loved ones. If you are looking to buy a tent made of canvasWhite Duck Outdoors is probably the best place to look for.