10 Genius Summer Camping Tips for Families

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Exploring the wilderness with your kids is a terrific adventure. You encourage children to appreciate nature and take a break from their phones. What’s better is that you get to spend quality time as a family making yet another precious memory.

If you are an avid camper, you may even get to teach some insightful skills to your younger ones. Here are some handy camping tips for when you are planning a camping trip with your family.

Organize Your Packing

Organizing everything before you leave according to when and how often you will need all the supplies is the key to packing right. You want your experience to be fun and not stressful, this will make one less thing to worry about.

Ensure that you sort out everything into clear plastic boxes with the goal that you need not unpack containers to see what’s inside. To make the procedure more productive, mark each case also so that even the littlest supplies are easy to spot.

The best way to organize camping supplies is to categorize them in kitchen supplies, bathroom, tent and ground sheets, food, clothes, and entertainment.

Family Camping Wall Tents

Set Up a Washing Station

As soon as you set camp, make sure you brief the family on the washing stations. You should carry with you a container that accompanies an open-close spot so you get the chance to control the stream, and water isn’t squandered.

The second thing you would require is a water basin. Ensure you get something with a level base, so you can step into it and rinse off grimy feet. Ensure you have a dry towel right next to it so that when you step out, you aren’t tracing mud once more into the tent.

RV Rugs

You need not go camping in an RV to use an RV rug. The RV rug is basically a large outdoor rug created with woven plastic that folds easily for transport. This will really change the way you camp with your family. The best part is that it keeps toddlers safe and clean without you having to worry too much and compromise the fun in camping.

You can set ground rules too, like no kids under 8 leave the boundary of the rug. The rug has other perks as well. It reduces the amount of dirt tracked into your camping tent.

Food To Pack For Camping

Glow Sticks

Get a reasonably priced pack of 100 glow sticks and distribute them amongst the kids. Not only will they get to have fun with the glow sticks, but you will know at all times where the kids are in the dark. The glow sticks will probably get dimmer by bedtime so your sleep won’t be disturbed.

Bring Water

Carry additional water with you so that you have plenty enough to cook, drink and bathe along with a hand and foot washing station. Pack a bar soap, dishrags and washcloths with the goal that you can helpfully scour off any dirt. This is super helpful when you have kids to look after during camping.

Baby Wipes for Cleaning

Ensure that you bring a few packs of antibacterial or baby wipes with you. This is for instances when you may need to wipe down the kids, without having to worry about a full shower. They are superb for cleaning your hands and feet before you get into the sleeping bag.

Safety during the Night

You may not want to invest in expensive headlamps for everyone, but you can bring DIY headlamps with a pitcher of water which you can place on tabletops or hang inside the tent. You can even purchase glow in the dark rope and tent stakes that glow. This way you can ensure that no one trips over inside or near the tents after dark and can reach out to places.

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Dirty Laundry

Don’t forget to pack a hanging organizer for clothes. This lets you set out clothes for everyone on the trip and saves you the trouble of going through a suitcase or tub of clothes. You can always unpack all outfits into the hanging organizer when you are all set.

Just keep throwing the dirty clothes in a laundry bin. At the end of the trip, stack the bin in the car so that when you unpack at your place, you need not sort through things as the bin goes straight to the laundry.

Where to Keep Valuables?

Your wallet, keys, hardware and other valuables should be stored in a zip-lock bag. This way you could protect them from food spillages. Also, you stress over them less when things get chaotic in the campground with kids hanging out. Should anything happen to your bag, your valuables will be safe inside the plastic zip-lock packaging.

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Packaging the Food

Buy a cooler light to find what you want immediately instead of flashing the light and digging through items. Make sure you keep matches dry by storing them in a separate mason jar. You may not want to risk it with items that are meant to be dry. Weather can be unpredictable and leaks happen when you least expect them to, no matter how tightly you pack some things.

When you prep up for your summer camping, make sure you freeze some jugs and store them in the cooler so they preserve your food, and when they melt there is drinking water for your family. Do not forget to fill them up just somewhat more than halfway up so there is room for the ice that expands.

Most people don’t know chips are greasy enough to act as fire-starters. You can toss a couple in with your fuel to spread the fire quickly than with customary techniques.

You can even use condiment containers to hold pre-made pancake batter so you can easily whip them up for breakfast in the morning. Use Tic Tac containers to hold spices.